Resources for Parents

An educational tour is one of the most effective ways to enhance a student’s learning experience and broaden their horizons, while making new friends along the way. A trip to the USA will help your child evaluate their further education options and learn more about the culture of the nation.

At Student Explore USA (SEUSA), we pride ourselves on our ability to meticulously plan and flawlessly execute every detail of the educational tour to ensure complete success. We offer the best educational trips to USA, keeping your peace-of-mind, the students’ curriculum and the overall budget as our top priority.

Resources for Parents

SEUSA continually strives to provide the best resources for the students, as well as their parents. From our operations team to our experienced tour directors and guides, we stand with you at every step of the way to make sure that your kids have a memorable trip and reach back home safely. For more than a decade, we have arranged educational trips to USA for Asians, Europeans and Canadians. We have a wide network of affiliations that allow us to take care of all tour needs - from hotel accommodation to transport. Here’s what we offer for all parents:

Complete Security

Planning for the security of all tour participants (students and teachers) is our first and foremost priority. The process starts with initial consultation and preparation of a travel plan. SEUSA has a team of professionally trained and highly experienced personnel. We only book full-service hotels with indoor-corridors. All our tour guides are trained in dealing with emergency situations. In addition, all students and teachers are provided with a 24/7 SEUSA emergency hotline.

Preliminary Checks

As soon as the travel plan is chalked out, our team visits all hotels and tourist sites to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. We only work with licensed and experienced transportation companies, with a proven track record, for all traveling and tours.


As a company that specializes in providing educational tours for international students, not only are we familiar with cultural sensitivity and multilingual support, we also adhere to our guiding principles. These include integrity, objectivity, honesty and value-added services. We have stringent rules and licensing requirements when hiring team members and offer continual on-job training. At SEUSA, students will be served by the best of the best!

Travel Insurance

Despite the economic uncertainties, we walk the extra mile to make educational trips worth the investment. We have an surance Travel Protection Program, underwritten by Travel Insured International, which protects all your trip investments in the unlikely event that your trip is cancelled (on account of sickness or injury of the student).

Payment Support

We have a secure payment module that makes transacting with us easy and hassle-free. We plan all trips as per your budgetary limits. For any further assistance or information regarding payments, you can get in-touch with our team at any time.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

After a visit to the NASA Kennedy Space Center and dining with renowned astronauts, a fun-filled trip to Disneyland with fine arts classes in the open grounds or a tour at the Universal Studios to learn more about lights, camera and action; your kids’ confidence and self-esteem is likely to increase exponentially. In addition to making them culturally sensitive and inspired, students returning home from our educational trips achieve a higher sense of purpose, develop a keen interest in their academics, have a clear picture of who they want to be in life and become increasingly independent. They also make new friends along the way. Need we say more?

Better Learning

There is nothing that reinforces classroom and bookish knowledge than a hands-on practical experience. This is what SEUSA aims to provide. Our tour guides awaken students’ intellectual curiosity, which helps them focus more on their academics and grades.

Contact us at SEUSA and learn more on how our trips can provide a life-changing experience for your children!