Explore Program


SEUSA offers educational tours for all international students that will add value to their learning and growth experiences. Economical, affordable and well-organized, our educational tour packages are customized to help you broaden your horizons, explore US culture and increase your network.

With our extensive connections and fully licensed student travel services, we provide a unique learning experience for all students. Regardless of your country of origin, our travel consultants and tour guides help create a personalized touring experience for you - removing all linguistic and cultural barriers along the way.

Currently, SEUSA is offering three explore programs for students in Asia and Canada. These educational tours are intended to provide youwith in-depth knowledge, not only of US culture, but also of the success of these organizations and their growth. These include:

Kennedy Space Center/NASA

The Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida is NASA’s premier research and development hub and Launch Operations Center. It hosted the powerful Saturn V for the Apollo manned Moon mission - the first ever moon launch at Cape Canaveral in 1969. SEUSA offers a complete educational tour of the facility and gives you a chance to meet current employees and astronauts and learn more about their operations. You can easily:

Disney World

Disney offers Youth Education Series programs that take place in information-rich settings in Florida. This gives teachers and students an entertaining educational adventure. The popular kids’ theme park pays homage to Walt Disney - one of the most influential cartoon artists and animators of the 20th Century. Hop on board the Disney Express with SEUSA and:

Universal Studios

If you are a movie buff, study film-making or have an interest in special effects, then a guided educational tour of the famous Universal Studios in Florida is just what you need! Get a chance to catch a live shooting session of your favorite movie, learn more about the basics of film-making and watch your favorite actors filming. An educational tour with SEUSA allows you to:

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